Building a Game: GDJ 15

Before I start this article, I would give a warning that building games doesn’t always go a smooth as this article may make it seem. Sometimes there will be errors and things you need to fix before your game can be built. Google is your friend in these situations!

The first step is to open the Build Settings by going to File < Build Settings. Then select the platform the game is made to be played on. In this case I will use PC, Mac & Linux Standalone. Then hit build and select a file location for the build to go. Then hit build to build your game!

Go to the file location of the build and select the executable to run your project,. The executable is highlighted in this picture:

One more thing to note is that you need to create a way to exit your application if it is a full-screen application. I will make an article on that soon!

Now you can play your game and send it to some friends!

End of GameDev Journey 15